Owlee Scroll Vintage Leather Bluetooth Speaker

Owlee Scroll Vintage Leather Bluetooth Speaker

The Owlee Scroll is a stylish blend of beautiful suede and rugged leather with a cool steel casing. This speaker will captivate you with a combination of wondrous acoustics and classic aesthetics. The Owlee Scroll exhibits the look, feel and most notably, the 3 dimensional sound of audio brilliance. No matter where you go, all you need to do is turn on the Owlee Scroll to learn what a room full of sound and fury truly means. The Owlee Scroll features full range powerful sound with unprecedented 3D Sound Technology, and powerful Dual Passive Bass Radiators.

Other incredible features include 20W power output, more than 9 hours of continuous playtime, up to 32 feet of wireless range, and intuitive Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC connectivity. The Owlee Scroll is compatible with Bluetooth and NFC enabled devices, as well as all Apple and Android phones, laptops and tablets. In addition to all of those amazing features, the Owlee Scroll can also stream music via a 3.5mm aux jack, and includes a hands-free HD microphone for convenient calling. The Owlee Scroll supports Siri, Android Voice and S Voice as well as all voice command operated calling and messaging applications on Apple, Android and all other voice activated digital tablets and devices.

The 3D sound technology with digital signal processing delivers a powerful and luxurious effect you usually can only get from high end home theater systems, resulting in a portable powerful sound effect. The vintage antique leather speaker is sleek and portable, yet lightweight and durable with LED indicators that make it easy and practical to use in low light environments, complemented with high quality tangle-free nylon braided cables. This powerful quality speaker is perfectly suited for your home, office or any other place you want to experience quality luxurious sound.

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