Royal Epoch Portable Manual Typewriter

Royal Epoch Portable Manual Typewriter

Adler Royal Epoch Portable Manual Typewriter No electricity needed to operate this very well built manual typewriter by Adler Royal. Whether you are an author or just prefer the feel of a manual typewriter this is the product for you! The classic black typewriter has a full-sized keyboard, sturdy lightweight ABS housing and carrying case. 12½” x 13½” x 5″. The Royal EPOCH Manual Portable Typewriter, which replaces the Royal ME25, the Royal Scrittore, and the Olivetti MS25 manual typewriters, is the perfect low-cost solution for the home or office that is in need of an occasion typewriter for carbonless forms or envelopes.

This typewriter brings back memories for those who used a good old-fashioned typewriter, back in the day, and is great for creating labels, typing envelopes, and filling out carbonless or regular forms? tasks that can take too much time or effort with a computer and printer. This manual typewriter is fun to share with children who have never used, or even seen, a good old-fashioned typewriter, and makes a great nostalgic conversation piece when ita’s not in use!

The portable typewriter comes with a clamshell carrying case, which is great for moving from location to location or just for general storage of your new machine. Please note, just like the original manual typewriter, there is no storage, memory, auto-correct, display, or electricity needed. This is a simple, basic manual typewriter.

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